Wednesday, October 09, 2002

It's after midnight ... hey, sounds like a good title for a lame Eric Clapton song, of course every song that Eric Clapton has recorded in the last 30 years has been pretty lame, but I digress. It's after midnight, so I can post again. It's not like I couldn't post before, I am just trying to pace myself. I just have so much blog in me, and I don't want to flame out prematurely.

It's 12:30 am. Time to see if there is anything good on television. We have three religous channels on our cable system. Heck, I didn't know there were that many religions.

DANGER WILL ROBINSON ... A bad day for the world, at least on my VCR and basic cable. In a really bad Spielberg production,that I can't remember the name of, starring Robert Duvall, and that Hobbit guy(Ethan Hawke?)the earth is hit by a medium size meteor that causes giant tidal waves, wipes out great cities, and kills millions, but luckily the HUGE meteor, is destroyed just in the nick of time by Robert Duvall and his nuclear war head laden spaceship. Yahhhhhh, the earth is saved!!! Well, saved until the spaceship LEXX destroys it in the final episode of the of the Sci-Fi Channel's series LEXX. Bummer.

The Sci-Fi Channel's LEXX

(Ok, the Hobbit guy was Elijah Wood, not Ethan Hawke, but in some countries, aren't they the same person?)


Ethan Hawke

Elijah Wood

You Decide ?????

... and just where does Winona Ryder figure into the equation????

Winona Ryder

Boxer/Briefs, the worst of both worlds.