Saturday, November 30, 2002

I was banned from a site on Thursday. It is the first time it has happened to me, and I have to admit it feels kind of empowering to know that someone hates you so much, that someone despises you so much, that they want to make sure that you never darken their doorstep again. (Add sound effect of evil laughter ... here) It turns out this person was a real psycho, and I don't mean that in a nice way. Norman Bates springs to mind as an example of the warmer, cuddlier, feel good type of psycho that I would categorize as nice, after all he did love his mother. But this wom.. I mean person was psycho in a Glenn Close, boiling your pet rabbit, ala Fatal Attraction, sort of way. Looks like I will have to find a Glenn Close pic to run my point into the ground.

Glenn "Pardon Me, While I Go Midieval On You" Close