Thursday, December 19, 2002

Facts and rumors after the Beachboys.
Drummer Dennis Wilson married lead singer Mike Love's illegitimate daughter just to spite him.
Boy genius Brian Wilson was once tied to a tree by his father as a means of punishment.
Both boy genius Brian and younger brother Carl Wilson married girls that they met when the girls were 15, and the brothers were of legal age.
Charles Manson sang back-up on California Girls, nah, I made that up.
Charles Manson and part of his cult lived with Dennis Wilson.
Boy genius Brian Wilson had a gigantic sandbox constructed in the middle of his living room, so that Brian could play piano and feel the essence of the beach, both at the same time.
Boy genius Brian Wilson was crazy, duh!
Why am I writing this, duh!
I am tired and I need to go to bed, duh!
I wish they all could be California grils, duh!
I mean girls, duh!
Hey, what about us grils, duh?
snort and pop, fade to grey.