Monday, December 16, 2002

Someone emailed me this yesterday. It was, I guess, written by the person who banned me from their site.

The Boz Clause

Once upon a time, there was a XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX member who went by the name Boz. On Thanksgiving Day of all days, Boz decided it would be fun to initiate an arguement with the administrator. The admin wasted no time telling Boz where to stick it. Boz couldn't handle a taste of his own medicine. Rather than handle the situation in an adult manner, he stormed into the message board and deleted every single post he ever submitted. Because there was nothing written in the rules stating that he couldn't do it, he thought that he would get away with it.

The meaning of the Boz Clause is quite simple. Just because an activity or behaviour hasn't been forbidden in the rules, doesn't mean your membership won't be terminated. It only means that nobody has been dumb enough to do it, yet. Rest assured if you intentionally set out to disrupt the flow of our forums in any way, you will be banned from every, single website owned by the admin, both currently and in the future.

Like most things that start out "once upon a time" the story that followed was a complete fairy tale.
However, my name was spelled correctly, and I did get a clause named after me. What more could I ask for? I can feel my ego inflating as I speak. Life is sweet. I AM BOZ!!!!!!