Monday, January 20, 2003

I have 79 hits from someone using the search engine query "ennui". What does this tell me? It tells me that someone really, really, likes my site, but isn't internet saavy enough to bookmark my site, or maybe is at work and can't bookmark my site. Of course it could be more than one person, or just random hits, but I don't think 79 random hits for "ennui" is very likely. No, it is one or at most a couple of people. Maybe they should get together and start a fan club for me, and they could spread the word about the "essence of boz," and I could become the next big internet celebrity, I could become as famous as Wil "Friggin" Wheaton, and we could stage a BozFest at the Marriott near the airport in Buffalo or Long Beach, and there could be merchandising, and symposiums, and people who knew me when could talk about knowing me when, and I could hire my relatives to perform superfluous, (damn I love that word) but high paying tasks, and, and, and, and, all sorts of other good STUFF!!!!!