Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Still sick, but at least I took a shower, so I'll leave a clean corpse.
boz, clean, combed, minus glasses, but still dumb enough to take a shower.

boz, promise me you'll bury me in black.

For all of you who were worried that I looked like crap in the above pic, don't be. I manipulated that pic in photoshop for sympathy, I'm not above doing that, you know. Here is the originial pic, pre-manipulation.

Geez, not really much to chose from, is there. Mostly I picked this photo because you can't see the giant bald spot on the right back side of my head that is a topographically correct mirror image of the Great Salt Lake. I can just imagine all my Mormon readers swelling with pride at my mention of the Great Salt Lake. Are Mormons allowed to swell with pride, I know they can't drink beverages containing caffeine.