Friday, February 28, 2003

Highlights of my doctor appointment.
I didn't have to turn my head and cough .. cough.
But I did have to bend and spread, and assuming that my doctor is a hetero male, I bet it hated it almost as much as I did, assuming that I hated it, which I did, but, butt ... when you assume, you make an ass, out of you and me, and it was my ass that was on the line, or at least flapping in the breeze.
My cholesterol is down to 169, which is aces over eights, but not really, because aces over eights is a dead mans hand, and I'm not dead, and unless the doctor is holding something back from me, I'm not going to be dead in the near future.
My good cholesterol is a little low.
Good cholesterol, who knew!
Exercise, walk, walk walk
Yeah, sure I'll start tomorrow, honest, no really honest.
Had my dosage of synthroid raised from .175 mg to .200 mg.
More energy, we'll see Kemo Sabe, we'll see.
I think that's it. Um yeah, except for one other thing, but hey, it's rather personal, so cool your jets until I know you a bit better.
See you next year Doc.
Don't let your meat loaf, and if you do, name it after me.