Tuesday, February 25, 2003

It is 4:11 am and I am awake, after about an hour of sleep. What the fuck is my problem? I mean, I like to sleep, it has always been one of my favorite pastimes, I mean there used to be a time when I could take a nap that would last maybe an hour to an hour and a half, and that was just a nap, arghhh, this is gibberish, big deal, maybe my fingers will get tired, and then I can get some sleep.
I can see the ads.
Having problems sleeping? Try typing. 9 out of 10 doctors recommend typing over counting sheep for their patients who suffer from ...
a. lack of sleep
b. insomomomoimna
c. did I say lack of sleep yet?
d.sleep disorders
e. necrophilia, wait that does sound right, I think I mean narcolepsy, or something
f. sleep apnia
g. did I mention lack of sleep?
h. could this be due to lack of cheese?
i. the heartbreak of lionel ritchie songs being looped thru your brain
j. hahaha, i. made me laugh
k. I'm shooting for the whole alphabet now
l. I wear size 12 shoes, big, but not grotesque
m. put them all together they spell mother
n. lack of brain cells
o. Hamlet was of the asian persuasion
p. and so is Kevynn, in a half assed sort of way
q. the homo
r. get it, homo starts with a q!!
s. I think it's working
t. either that or I am hallucinating
u. get your hands off my uvula, creep
v. vestal virgins compliments of procul harum
w. www.boz48730.blogger.com
x. three more to go
y. make that two
z. well, paint me stupid and call me boz, or something