Thursday, February 06, 2003

Oh, I know a word I have never used in here before ... puberty. It happened so long ago I almost forgot about it.
Higlights of my puberty:
My voice changed at age 5.
Hair in all the wrong places at age 12.
Hair in all the right places age 13.
Urges, yeah that kind of urge, age 11, but I'm not too sure, could have been sooner.
Growth spurt, never happened, I was tall as a kid and gradually got taller.
Acne, age 12. Hey mom, did you get the Clearasil like I told you too? Maaaaaaaaaaa, for chrissakes, I ask for one little favor, and nothing, you treat me like a little kid, I hate you, I hate everyone, SLAM God damn world, everyone hates me, I'm such a noid, just wait, one of these days they'll all be sorry they treated me like this, yeah, one of these days!
Puberty, it's not just for breakfast anymore.