Thursday, March 06, 2003

CJ asked me where the name boz came from.
Here goes.
The who, what, where, and why of boz.
First of all, it has nothing to do with Bozo the clown, Boz Skaggs, Brian Boz-worth, Brian Boitano, or what Brian Boitano would do, Brian Epstein, the Life of Brian, the right side of my brain, or the left side of my brain, but it might have something to do with the fact that when I was in High School I wanted a dog, sort of, kind of and I would have named the dog Boyz, with a y, but since I could barely take care of myself, a dog was a moot point.
Fast forward to a couple years ago and me about to enter an online fetish chat room. My regular nick OneYoungHungStud is taken, so I need to come up with a new nick quickly, quickly because I have needs and urges that only a fetish chat room can fulfill.
All sorts of nicknames flew through my mind ..
The Big Kahunna
The Sperminator
Man in Woman's Underwear
Mr Bater

and on and on and on.
Then it came to me.
It came to me not out of the sky on a flaming pie like the name Beatles came to John, Paul, George, and whoever the drummer was before Ringo, yeah, I know it was Pete Best, and wasn't that a punk thing to do to poor Pete just before they hit it big, their excuse being that he was a poor drummer, and like Ringo was another Gene Krupa, ch'yeah ...
No, it came to me in a vision.
A vision of me walking down the street with a sign taped to my back reading
Kick Me, I'm Boz
and so I was, and I have been ever since
except for that one time I went into a lesbian chat room and was
I am boz, quote the raven, evermore.