Saturday, March 22, 2003

Here it is almost noon, and I've just woke up for the third time today, and I am still so sleepy that if I don't do something I will probably go back to bed, and this is all because a friend coerced me into staying up until 3:15am last night/this morning, and of course even though I went to bed at 3:15, as per usual it took me at least another half hour to get to sleep, and you know I really feel sorry for all you people who have normal sleeping habits, you miss out on so much, you miss the girls gone wild infomercials, and just how do they make their tits go all blurry like that, at first I thought it was my eyesight, but even after I put my glasses on and stood two inches from the screen they were still blurry, and yes I guess I did do it till I needed glasses, and really what kind of person would flash their tits for Snoop Doggie Snoopy Dogg, that isn't even 15 minutes of fame, that's more like a flash, get if flash, in the pan type of thing.
I think Kreskin is trying to hyp-MO-tize me into going back to sleep, and if Kreskin ever makes a girls gone wild infomercial I am there, because with his amazing mental powers I am sure Kreskin could stop the tits from getting all blurry.