Tuesday, April 22, 2003

1. I'll be glad when I finish off these jelly beans.
2. Can anyone recommend a good video?
3. My number in the November 1969 Draft Lottery was 305, which meant there was no way I was going to get drafted.
Unfortunately, I had enlisted in March of 1969.
4. It's your nickel.
5. It's like the 70's all over again.
6. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, by the Beatles, LSD, ya get it. Good Old Desk, by Harry Nilsson, GOD, ya get it. Same Old Boz, by Boz ....
7.Nina Simone just died.
8. I really liked that song Bridge Over Troubled Water, by her and Garfunkel.
9. Who played Fatso Judson?
10. and Joe Buck?