Saturday, April 26, 2003

rosa dedicated a post to her bloggie buddies tonight.
Here is what she had to say about me:
heh heh Boz thought he was going to get out of this, Here i'll say what he wants me to say.... Boz made me popular.. there! I had been reading Boz for a while but had never commented, then one day i commented in my blog about me having 4 readers and he left a little note in my comments with one word..... 5! agggh.. Ive spoken to Boz a couple of times.... and for those of you who havnt had the pleasure, he's just as funny one-to-one, Boz with all his Smart-assed-ness has a heart of gold. Boz you would definately NOT be allowed to come to the sleep over, however if you ask nicely i'll leave the shutters open a little bit so you can watch and take photos.
She talked about a lot of other people too, but mine was the only one that interested me.
Ah, go check out what she had to say about the others.
Go ahead, I know you want to.
And I didn't spellchecker her either, but I wanted to, oh man, I wanted to, where is my red pencil!