Sunday, May 18, 2003

Comments on your comments
People, people, people, I sense a lot of negativity about the movies I rented this weekend.
Remember, they were only thirty three cents per movie, for five days.
What were you expecting Citizen Boz, or something.
And we damn straight know that rosebud wasn't a fucking sled, don't we, well, don't we.
Oh yeah, Kevynn, as if Velvet Goldmine is the only bad movie that Ewan Wan Ken-obi has made.
Try Eye of the Beholder
Life Less Ordinary
or how can we forget
The Hauntingly beautiful Little Voice,
Where he is upstaged by the chick who played Bubbles on Absolutely Fabulous.
And as they say down under ...
My boomerang won't come back.
My boomerang won't come back.
I'm a big disgrace to the aboriginal race.
My boomerang won't come back.