Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I am totally stoked. Blu is now a member of Superfluous Tubesocks.
Ok, that's not the reason why I am stoked, and isn't that a wonderfully nostalgic 80's term, I am totally stoked, it just sort of rolls off your tongue, and believe me I don't fell the least bit self-conscious saying it, of course if you knew I was sitting here in my underwear while I said it, that would be a different story,
But ... I digress.
Yes, it is nice that Blu has joined STS (Superfluous Tubesocks), but that isn't the reason why I am, well you know, totally stoked.
I am totally stoked because STS in general, and our group short story in particular, are doing really really groovy, and I feel very self-conscious saying groovy, but fuck it, it fits, so eat shit and die.
Now ...
If we could only get that so called other moderator to join in maybe I could wank in peace once in awhile.