Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I won another, yes another, contest over at Kazoofus.com.
My winning entry in the redefine the word with a not so negative connotation, or something like that:
1. Jackass >> Derriere donkey or buttburro
2. Ugly >> Negative cute
3. Selfish >> Cake eater
4. Opinionated >> Overly Assholed
5. Arrogant >> Big Fish / Little Pond Syndrome
6. Annoying >> Chalkboard fingered
7. Rude >> Eleven itemed in a ten item zone
8. Disgusting >> As welcomed as a snot covered handkerchief
9. Idiot >> Gooberesque
10. Spoiled >> Mommed to the Max
I would have linked directly to the post, but my readers have a short attention span, and bright shiny objects mesmerize them.