Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Welp, it's Tuesday. almost 5 PM, I must have something better to do, so I guess I'll go do it.
Ya know the bored guy in the red shirt and black tie, the guy in my header graphic.
That isn't me, no really it isn't.
So I think it is time he had a name. Ya know, like Speedy is the Alka Seltzer boy, and Uncle Ben is the rice guy, and Betty Crocker is the baking chick.
Sooooo ...
What should I name the Grand Ennui Dude. Because if you don't name him I will, and it won't be pretty.
So if anyone is interested I guess this is a contest.
No rules.
No time limits.
Big Prizes !!!!!
Just make a comment, or hit the zonkboard, or drop me an email, and give the Grand Ennui Dude a name.
Send no money, this isn't anything like the Save The Children Fund, well it is sort of, except there are no childern, and nothing to save, and the only fund I know of is the "Viagra for Boz" fund, but that is a whole other story.