Saturday, June 07, 2003

I bought 120 dollars worth of dirt today, and fifty cents a month worth of digital cable movie channels.
The dirt will be delivered Monday, and hopefully by Tuesday I will have new grass seed planted, and geez, doesn't this sound a lot like the Victory Garden on PBS, that is if they still have the Victory Garden on PBS.
And since I have both Tier Two Basic Cable and Cable Modem my cable company is offering eight digital movie channels for 50 cents a month. Ok, it isn't the Premium Movie channels, but there are eight of them, six Encore Channels, the Sundance Channel, and the Indie Film Network ... and it's digital, and that will be installed on Tuesday.
So if you have any plans for me it will have to be on Wednesday.
Why do I bother posting on Saturday. This post is a load of bullocks, like anyone really cares about dirt and cable, I mean fuck, I don't even care about dirt and cable, but still I post about dirt and cable, and I bet if anyone does a google search for dirt and cable, I'll be #1 on the results.