Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Ok, here is the deal on my legs, but it is a two hankie story.
About thirteen years ago I was diagnosed as anemic, but they didn't know the cause. This was top of the line anemia, my bloodcount was at 8.9, where it should have been between 12 and 14, and if it had gotten any lower we were talking bone marrow transplant.
Anyone who has suffered from anemia knows that the further you get away from your heart the more pronounced the effects, meaning your extremities are the most effected. I had dry patchy skin, severe cramping and loss of all hair on both my arms and legs, and damn this post is even starting to make me cry.
Cut to the chase.
They found out what caused the anemia, and I am on medication for it. Everything is back to hunky dory except .....
the hair didn't grow back on my legs.
I feel such shame.
I want to thank everybody who taunted me from the bottom of my heart, and I am sure the heroin I shot up this morning was just a one time thing, and I am sure that the voice in my head that keeps chanting "girl legs, girl legs, girl legs" will go away ... eventually, at least that is what the other voice in my head, the one that is telling me to "kill all bloggers, kill all bloggers, kill all bloggers" has promised me.