Wednesday, June 11, 2003

When I was growing up kid sister's of my best friends always found unique ways to describe my
physical characteristics.
One friend's sister said I had a head shaped like a football, that is an american football, not an english football, but in some ways similar to an australian football.
Another friend's sister said I had girl legs, because they were hairless, but in all actuality my legs were very hairy, at least compared to other boys my age, it's just that the hair was very wispy and light colored, but ya know, they did look kind of girly, and they looked really nice in heels, I mean they would have looked really nice in heels, if I had ever worn heels, but I hadn't, and I never would, unless I lost a bet, but I was drunk when I made that bet, I mean I would have had to be drunk to have made a bet like that, but I never made a bet like that, because a guy in heels would just be wrong, very wrong, unless he was wearing a nice pair of stockings to go with the heels, you know what I mean the kind of stockings that hug and caress your calf and thigh, I mean that I don't know, because I've never worn stockings, or fishnets either, or garters, or pantyhose, or garterbelts, or corsets, or any of that girly stuff you girls wear, and when I say girls I mean women, or chicks, or femmes, but not ladies, because that would be sexist.
But I digress.
Best friend's kid sisters are a pain in the ass.