Thursday, June 26, 2003

You people are boring me today. You're not posting. You're not commenting. You're not visiting STS. You're not singing my praises.
What the fuck good are you.
All of you can be replaced, you realize that don't you.
There are plenty of Aussies who'd swoon at the chance of me tying their kangaroo down. There are tons of single mothers who would melt at the mere mention of my name. There are legions of twenty year olds, both male and female, who would gladly sit at my feet as I impart the wisdom of the ages. Ok, so maybe there aren't a lot of vietnamese/irish, chainsmoking, beer drinking, superstar couldabeens out there, but Tom Waits is available.
So take that you ... you ...
Um, my train of thought kind of got derailed somewhere between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, but I think you get my drift.