Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Just finished cutting the grass, or mowing the lawn if any DEA agents are reading this, and did I ever get dirty and sweaty, so I hopped into the shower, but not before talking to Gwen aka the Dynamite Diva I think it's the first time I've talked to her on AIM, or was it Yahoo, or MSN ..
And isn't this post starting to ramble, oh yeah, and it's Wacky Wednesday at Hungry Howies, so it's pizza tonight, and besides I really do need to get out of the house, and I think I just got another mosquito bite, that makes it about 257 this year, which is about 256 more than I had last year, and the ten years preceding that.
Oh yeah, on the underpants front ...
Today I am wearing Hanes ribbed burgundy briefs, film at eleven.