Monday, July 07, 2003

Ok, this is private to all the chicks with the 3 R's.
Raging hormones,
Raging aspirations,
and Raging frustrations.
Which would be about 95.9% of the chicks that read my blog.
You have to see New Waterford Girl. A Canadian flick about being a chick and growing up in a chickish sort of way.
If you are Canadian, or lucky enough to live close to Canada, or get the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on cable, New Waterford Girl will be shown this Thursday night sometime around 8 or 8:30, and knowing the CBC, it will be uncensored.
If you don't get the CBC, but get either The Oxygen Channel, or the WE, I'm not sure which, they've been showing it periodically for the past few months.
Or rent it, or buy it, or steal it.
Just see it.
If I were a girl I would be Moonie Pottie.
Who says the Boz doesn't look out for his .... people?
I am so in touch with my feminine side it scares me.