Friday, August 08, 2003

Malone's List
Kevynn Malone had a list of questions on his blog that he wanted answers to. I figured if I am going to spend this much time on something I'm going to post it on my site and not in his comments section.
The Questions and the Answers:
1. Who would you want to win in a fight between Brittney Murphy and Britney Spears?
Murphy Brown
2.Tom Green or Alan Greenspan?
Red Green
3. Would you rather live in Iraq or Afghanistan?
Depends on whether I got beach front property.
4. Matrix Trilogy, so far, or Lord Of The Rings?
Lord of the Flies
5. Do you come in peace or go in pieces?
I came for pizza
6. Spiderman or Batman?
Comics are for geeks
7. Kirsten Dunst or Keira Knightley?
Bettie Page or Dita Von Tease
8. Movies or books?
Books about movies
9. Favorite book?
10. Favorite movie?
Dr. Strangelove
11. Favorite website?
Silent Screams
12. Would you rather have a super nice car or a super nice wardrobe?
A super nice house
13. Ever shoot a gun?
Yes, and a rifle too
14. Been in a fight?
More fist fights than verbal fights
15. Why am I writing this? What happened to what I was supposed to put down?
That's two questions, disqualified
16. Do people like you?
What's not to like
17. Who do you hate today, besides me?
Besides you, how about your brother
18. Drink much?
19. Smoke much?
20. Nervous habit?
Looking at my watch
21. Masturbate much?
Define much
22. What was the last website that you were on before this?
Whoa that was so deep
23. Do you want to ask me something? Anything?
Do you want to tell me something, anything
24. Am I sorry for doing this to you?
You will be