Sunday, August 17, 2003

Things I found while cleaning out closets, drawers and boxes this weekend
2 cameras
2 remote controls
2 keyboards, one used, one new
A bunch of coins that must have some meaning to me because they aren't worth anything, but I've kept them cubbied away for a heck of a long time
A bazillion cables and wires to stereos, phones, and computers
2 folding chairs
A VHS-C camcorder
7 or 8 watches
A clock radio
3 telephones
A heating pad
3 printers
A Dr Scholl's battery operated back massager that may have some other applications that might be very interesting
Candles, candles, and did I mention ... candles
5 extension cords
8 bungee cords
No umbilical cords
4 decks of cards, all complete decks
3 disposable lighters
What looks to be about 50 pencils
10 Crayola vibrant color markers
40+ ink pens
2 bottles of Elmer's glue
A shitload of various school supplies
A whole bunch of other stuff
And two garbage bags of stuff that is going out in the trash