Friday, September 12, 2003

Who Should Replace Him
Ok, and now on to the John Ritter dilemma.
What are we going to do about his sitcom Eight Rules for Screwing My Teenage Daughters, or Something Like That.
The show should continue, we are all agreed on that, aren't we, yeah, I thought we were.
A single parent household headed up by Peg Bundy, no I don't think so.
How about an equally annoying male 70's sitcom star to replace him.
Bored Housewife suggested Henry Winkler, which is an excellent choice, actually almost any of the male cast members of Happy Days would be a good fit.
Donny Most?
Anson Williams?
Scott Baio?
Or the patron saint of
Shark Jumpers ...
Ted McGinley?
Come on, there must be other suitable replacements, hell they replaced Darrin, they do it all the time.
Who, who who.
How about Ted Wass, Blossom's wimpy dad.
And Richard Thomas would be a perfect fit, you know John-Boy Walton, and didn't they even replace him.
Erik Estrada, nah a little too ethnic, and I heard he's hard to work with too.
I'm tired, you come up with a few, and I'll send them in to ABC, I have their ear, no honest I do.