Sunday, October 26, 2003

I think that I've set all the clocks and watches back, except for the one in my car, and speaking of cars ...

This is the watch Ford sent me when I bought my Focus three years ago, too bad the car didn't run as good as the watch does, I dumped that lemon a year and a half ago, the car, not the watch, and if you are still reading this post you can stop now.
On second thought, it seems like the only thing I did today was set clocks and watches, and sleep, and drink diet coke, and, oh yeah, I put up some shelves in the garage, and did I mention sleep, oh, and I walked at the gym today too, and I wore my new Red Wings shorts and I think everyone was jealous because they all stared at me, and not the usual "what a weirdo" stare that I usually get, but a "gee, nice shorts you've got there weirdo" kind of stare.
The End