Saturday, October 04, 2003

Things I Find Sexy
In no particular order.
1. Feet
2. Puffies
3. Belly Buttons
4. Dimpled lower backs
5. Very, very short hair
6. Ghost-like pallor
7. Toe rings
8. Braces
9. Dark make-up
10. Nose bondage
11. Dental gags
12. The Goth look
13. Ear lobes
14. Exposed mid-riffs
15. Women who dress like Olive Oyl.
16. And holy shit, I saw the last part of a movie this morning called
about a guy, the guy being the hauntingly beautiful strange James Spader, who just might give Christopher Walken a run for his money, as the biggest kamikaze actor of the new millennium, anyway it's about a guy who gets sexually aroused when he is involved in car crashes, and the recounting thereof. The movie also stars the thinner and older of the Arquette sisters that being Roseanna, and I wonder if either Roseanna or Patricia are jealous of their sister-in-law Courtney Cocks Cox.
But I digress ...
The end