Saturday, November 08, 2003

Ok, if I were a singer, I'd be one of those urban country/folk singers that play in the cowboy bars in Greenwich Village, or West Dallas, or East St. Louis, or North Platte Nebraska, or some city that starts with South, and I'd be tall, like I am, and skinny, like I was twenty years ago, and I'd wear a Cowboy Hat and frayed jeans, and I'd drawl, and my first name would be Dillard, which is odd because that was my father's first name, then again that wouldn't be so odd would it, it would be more like a homage to my dad, and besides Dillard, if nothing else would make a kick ass country/folk singer name, now wouldn't it.
Hold on a few minutes, I got off on a tangent and I have to re-collect my thoughts.
Anyway, I'd need a signature song, you know, the song I was almost famous for, and don't we all need a signature song, you know a song that just about sums up your life even if you aren't a singer, country/folk, or otherwise, and this would be my signature song, and don't forget to throw a little spare change in my guitar case, because I'm only playing for drinks and tips.