Friday, October 11, 2002

Do you want to hear something really depressing? There are only 11 weekends left till Christmas. The thought of Christmas isn't depressing, it's a pretty cool holiday, with the yule log, the wassail bowl, the chestnuts on the open fire, and all, but hey ... my brain hasn't registered the fact that's there's only 3 weekends left till Halloween.

Damn, I love a good wassail bowl.

It's amazing what you can find while surfing the net. I found this site while looking for a shrine to Mindy Cohn, that rubenesque cutie from the 80's sitcom The Facts of Life. Who Would You Kill?

I think I have tried to join enough blog directory webrings for one night. I am getting bleary eyed, and I am almost positive that I will be seeing html code in my sleep tonight. That's not all bad though. It will be a change from the "minions of death" that I usually see.