Thursday, November 14, 2002

Saw a promo for the television show La Femme Nikita. Take it from me, they aren't talking about Nikita Kruschev.

Peta Wilson.

Legs, legs, and more legs, yeah, I know, whatever.

Todays random link is Culture Chalk, a thought provoking journal with some very haunting graphics. Link of the Day

Do you want to know who I feel sorry for? I feel sorry for Mike Love the lead singer for the Beachboys, or what is left of the Beachboys. First off, he has a really dopey name, and a dopey name is worse than a bad tattoo. At least with a bad tattoo you can cover it up with clothes or a bandaid or something. Secondly, he has had to sing the song "Surfin' USA" god knows how many times over the past forty years. Let's give a conservative estimate of 200 times a year, multiply that by 40 and you get 8,000 times that he has had to sing .... if everybody had an ocean, across the USA-AAAAAAA. Is that a fair price to pay for riches and fame? I think not.