Sunday, January 12, 2003

I like blogs with pics. I'm not particular what kind of pic. Personal pics are nice, and family pics too, and of course pics of the pets, Boo the dog, or Sassy the cat. Yeah, I guess I like pics of people and pets. Not too thrilled about vacation pics. The Eiffel Tower is way too phallic and the Grand Canyon is just the opposite. You can keep your vacation pics, put them in an album, and put them on a shelf, and dust them every month or so, and pull them out when Trish and Bill come over for coffee and cake, and just sort of pretend you don't see when Bill gives Trish that oh not again look. The coffee is French Vanilla and the cake is Sarah Lee, so they damn well better act like they are enjoying themselves, and not be too obvious when Trish complains about her headache and complains about how she hasn't been getting much sleep lately, what with the twins and their soccer practice, and Bill working all that overtime, yeah, you say to yourself, all that overtime at the NoTel Motel out by the interstate, with his secretary who can't type or take dictation, yeah she can't take dictation, but she sure can take di... Where was I? Oh yeah, I like blogs with pics, and do me a favor, slip in a naked one every once in awhile.

Boz, age 8

Go ahead, tell me how cute I was, everyone else does.