Friday, January 10, 2003

There is some awful stank coming from my closet, and to be honest I am a little afraid to investigate. I know it can't be an animal, and I only keep clean clothes in there. It might be food, but I don't think so. Trouble is everything is jigsawed together in there, and I would have to take everything out and then put it back in, and if I didn't find anything I would be a little disappointed after spending all that time and effort searching for it. It's a bitch being anal-retentive.

I just checked the closet for smell, it didn't smell too bad. Then I happened to glance (happened to glance, wtf?) on the top shelf of my computer desk at the three yin/yang scented aromatherapy candles that I bought three for a buck at either the Dollar $tore, or the Family Dollar. Who knew that yin/yang scented aromatherapy candles were supposed to smell like closet stank, and what kind of therapy is that, paranoia-therapy?