Thursday, January 23, 2003

I really think Kevynn Malone is stalking me, but hopefully not in a sexual way, but in a brain sucking kind of way. It seems that whenever I visit a blog and go to make one of my world famous humorous comments Kevynn has already been there one step ahead of me.
Hold on a second, I need to think ...
Wouldn't that make me the stalker?

Deer Kevyn
I no wear u live, drooooooooooool, snort.
U is my best freind, let's hang out and listen to Beachboy songs.
If u sea some guy walking down the street smiling and drooling, snort, drooooooooool, for no reason , that is me.
I have a gun, but don't worry I probably won't use it, I only bought it to scare the mice who run around in my brain, but you've been running around in my brain lately too, doing the chicken dance in green leotards and a sailor's hat, so I'm not too sure what ...

Huh, what, where am I??
Sorry I must have blacked out for a minute, where was I.
Oh yeah,
My ten favorite Italian Operas in no particular order are ....