Thursday, January 09, 2003

Ya know something. All these well written blogs I have been reading lately, are pretty boring.
They are glib, and pithy, and insightful as hell, but where is their soul, where is their guts, where is their individuality, christ sakes, they could all be written by the same person.
Give me something with a sneer in it.
Give me something with a kick in the crotch in it.
Give me something with a hand grenade up the asshole feel.
Make me mad.
Make me laugh.
Make me hate your guts
Just don't give me pause to ponder and reflect.
Give me something with real attitude, not that pseudo if you don't like my attitude attitude you can kiss my ass attitude, but real attitude. If someone tells you they have attitude, consider the source.
Big dogs don't bark.
By the way, when someone is being sarcastic, and they feel the need to tell you they are being sarcastic, doesn't that defeat the purpose?