Thursday, February 20, 2003

I have a confession to make. I am sexually attracted to women in their 40's with dirty blonde hair,
two of them in particular,
and believe me it is merely physical.
The first one is a receptionist in the lab at the hospital where I get my blood tests. She is English and has the accent to prove it, she wears skirts and bulky sweaters, and has fine bone structure and short lank dirty blonde hair, which is probably streaked, that falls down over her right eye.
The second one is a co-owner of the dollar store in the town north of here. She is petite and tanned, with long dirty blonde hair, and wears jeans, baggy shirts, sneakers and contacts, and from a distance she could pass for a 20 year old, and even close up she could pass for a mid-thirty year old.
They are both definitely snark-alicious, at least in my book, but why bother, so I won't, fantasy isn't bad, and they are both married, but I don't really know that, and I am hemming and hawing here, and perhaps there is a 40-ish dirty blonde out there with my name tattooed on her ass, either boz or Ken, it doesn't matter to me, ramble, ramble, ramble ....