Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Kevynn and I are undertaking another joint endeavor, hopefully this will be more successful than our last joint endeavor. Kevynn and I will be scouring each others archives looking for our seven favorite posts. Then on either Sunday or Monday of next week, we will be posting one a day for seven days, and as usual after going over what I just wrote I am not too sure what we are going to do either, so you shouldn't feel left out in your confusion.
In a nut shell here is what we will be doing. I will check out Kevynn's archives and find my seven favorite posts that he has made, and starting next week I will post one a day for a week.
Kevynn will be doing the same thing with my archives, more or less.
It will be sort of like Fitzgerald and Faulkner exchanging short stories, but I don't like Faulkner too much because he writes too much about cow sex, of course Kevynn is into pig sex, and that is pretty close to cow sex, but I think just a little faster, and when I talk about cow sex I don't mean between a cow and a bull, I mean sex between a cow and a man, the Snopes family had some crazy whammajammers, but I don't know about Kevynn and his pig sex, but I have an idea, but I don't even want to go there, so let's let sleeping dogs lie, or have sex, or whatever, and maybe The Fitzgerald/Faulkner and boz/Kevynn comparison is appropriate after all, except for the skill level, neither Fitzgerald or Faulkner had a blog, so they can't be expected to be accepted as our equals, such is life. The hacks.