Monday, February 17, 2003

I think I'd like to marry Shalom Harlow in my next life.

Ok, I know she is skinny, but I can live with skinny, and I know she has a funny name, but funny in a cute way, don't you think, and besides boz and Shalom go together real nice, it sort of rolls off your tongue doesn't it.
Honey, boz and Shalom are coming over tonight better stop and pick up some diet Coke at the Stop and Go.
Sure, I noticed the magic marker on her chest, but hey, I don't think that is indelible, and who wouldn't pay to have the chance to wash it off, and of course there is the one thing about Shalom Harlow that you just can't deny ...
Shalom baby, I'll be right up, I just have to say goodnight to all these fine people.
Goodnight everyone!!!
(whistling)Got a date with an angel.(whistling)