Friday, February 28, 2003

I was going to rent some movies for the weekend but the karma or something just wasn't right.
When I walked into the video store they had some loud rock music blaring from the speakers, I like rock music, but this was some kind of neo pre-packaged 80's hair band type rock, and we all know what happens to people who listen to hair band music don't we.
Ok, I like cruising the aisles taking my time, it's a big store and a whole lot of movies, but there must have been a hundred and seventeen little ankle biting kids busting a move down each and every aisle and every one of them wanted to stand where I was already standing.
And the sun was shining too, that awkward kind of sun through the window at such an angle that you really couldn't see anything without getting a sun reflected brain burn off of the plastic video boxes.
Hey, I can deal with this. I'm a vet, I've stared Charlie down with nothing but the wrong end of a bayonet between us. Ok, I made that part about Charlie and the bayonet up, but I am a vet, just not a Vietnam vet, but yeah I can deal with it.
I can deal with it until I hear the gurgle in my bowels followed closely by the tap dancing in my intestines, yeah, I was starting to have an Immodium-D moment.
So to make a long story short,
and the crowd lets out a mighty cheer,
if their were a Movie Nazi he would be telling me
"No movies for you tonight."