Sunday, February 09, 2003

I'm going to bed now, you can let the pets out of the bedroom. I wish I could curse in Turkish, I used to know a few words, but I was young and that was long ago, and I had a swagger in my walk, and a bounce in my step, and a rat in my pocket, and a cat up my trousers, and does anyone call them trousers, and speaking of trousers, does anyone remember the Prince of Wales, the one who dumped the throne, not dumped on the throne, so he could marry his American bit of skirt, well, one day he was set to attend some outdoor social function and somehow his trousers got ripped, or dirty, or something, so he ran into a tailor shop and got a new pair, being a prince and all he could do that, even if the shop was closed, but the trousers had been folded and on a shelf and so the trousers had a crease in them, thus starting a new fad, and that is why men have creases in their trousers to this very day, thanks a lot prince dude.