Tuesday, February 25, 2003

This is really weird. Up till today the most unique visitors I have had in one day has been 100, but today, only 10 hours into the day, I already have 154 visitors. I keep getting listed in the Fresh Blogs on the blogger home page, even though I haven't updated in 8 hours or so.
Cool beans, huh!
Even though most of them surf in, and surf on out as soon as they find that I don't have any pics of Britney's cooter, and I think that is the first time, and probably the last time that I ever use the word cooter in referring to a women's cooter. a few have stuck around and checked out the
genius that is boz.
What ya think?
How many hits do you think I will get from the phrase ..
Britney's cooter?
Maybe if I throw in ...
Justin Timberlake's uploaded internet pic of Britney's cooter.
Yeah, that ought to be worth a few.
Would you settle for Daisy's Cooter?