Tuesday, March 18, 2003

CJ from HoneySideUP wrote a poem in celebration of The Bozzies.

Bozzie Awards
For the Bozzie Awards I wrote....

The Bozzie awards are takin' place soon
get on the bandwagon and shoot for the moon
and I'm not talkin' about weapons of any sorts
I'm talkin' about bloggin' and giggles and snorts
All the posts we make and the laughs we get
everyone had a chance without throwin' a fit
the First Annual Bozzie Awards is gonna be a gala event
well at least I think that's how it's meant
Ladies on the left and Gents on the right
no pushin' or shovin' or fightin' tonight
after Boz so graciously treats us all to dinner
someone will step forward to announce the winner
just who will win the prestigious award from Boz
for the bloggin' we did and all the guffaws
only time will tell and we wait for that day
clean off your computer screen without delay
By no means should anyone become upset
when Boz announces by video with sincere regret
that he can't be there, as hard as it might be to digest
he somehow got stuck in Anna Nicole's voluptuous chest
How he got there we'll probably never find out
but sometime next year without any doubt
they'll be a movie, and it won't be a bore
"BOZ LOST IN CLEAVAGE", definitely hard-core