Monday, March 17, 2003

My two grandfathers

When my one grandfather was a teenager sometime around 1915 he left Tennessee to go out west to Texas or Oklahoma to become a cowboy, with a cowboy hat, and a cowboy suit, and a cowboy gun and a cowboy horse.
Everything went pretty good until he accidently shot his cowboy horse with his cowboy gun, that made him decide to go back to Tennessee and run off and marry my grandmother who was only 14 at the time.

My other grandfather was married twice. When his first wife died he married my grandmother. Between his two families he had about 15 or 16 children that lived. He moved to Detroit in the late 20's and owned a small coal and ice business. When the depression hit he still had 8 or 9 children living at home and he had to find new ways to put food on the table. On his own he started a numbers operation, a strictly nickel and dime operation that ended when a car load of Detroit Police detectives burst in one night and put the fear of god into him, not because he was running a numbers game, but because they weren't getting a kickback.
Who knows, if he had paid the kickback,
Maybe today I would be making offers that you couldn't refuse.
And maybe I am anyway.