Friday, March 14, 2003

Fetishes, I mean real fetishes, not the goof around kind that I talk about in here, and do I have the guts to admit to them, not only in here, but to myself.
The whole red head experience, hair, freckles and puffies, or any part thereof.
Pretty girls in glasses, no, more than just pretty, sexy girls, ok, sexy women in glasses.
Thin, almost to the point of anorexic women.
But am I getting away from fetishes and in to preferences?
Gothic girls, I mean women.
The color black.
Stockings and garter belts, and I never thought it would come to that.
I'm starting to weird myself out now.
Bondage, yikes!!!
Yeah, this is getting to be more than fetishes, it is more turn-ons, and some extreme turn-ons.
Women that look like 13 year old boys with tits .. WHAT!!!!!!!!
Women with extremely short hair.
Tattoo's and piercing's .. yawn-nnnnnn, who isn't or doesn't.
The Bettie Page experience.
Watching naked women sleep ... ummm I think I'd better quit for now.