Saturday, March 22, 2003

I could tell you how real life has been smacking me around today, but not yet, I have to cover the bird cage for the night.
The birds, by the way, hate my guts, and they hate my guts to the nth degree when I take them out to clean their cage.
Gaby tries to escape, and she has made it on the lam several times, as far as the kitchen and even the bedroom.
Keetsie, the rat bastard, except she is a female, so she would probably be the rat bitch, bites down on my finger and will not let go, and it really hurts too.
Then there is Chello, the bully of the bunch except when confronted, then she goes into her best "duck and cover and ...
Jesus Christ, What Am I Doing?
I'm writing about birds!
Somebody please kill me, and make it long and painful.
Adult diapers are more interesting than birds.
Tom Cruise movies are more interesting than birds.
The National Geographic Channel is more interesting than birds, unless it is a show about birds.
The Byrds are more interesting than birds.
Turn Turn Turn ... si
tern tern tern ... no
Ugh, a swift kick to the gut and I am out of here.