Thursday, March 06, 2003

Okie Dokie.
Kevynn and I have started our next joint venture and we need your help.
We have started a photo album called
Friends of Fat Free Ennui
and we want and need your contributions.
We aren't picky about what you post either.
We'd like pics of yourself, your family, your pets, your enemies, your credit cards
your photography, your photoshop efforts, your artwork, even pics you have found while surfing the net.
The only requirement is that they be G rated.
Ok, PG rated will be accepted, but that's it!
Right now it looks like a shrine to boz, and this is a bad thing, we need more stuff.
I think you can post them directly to the album, or if you prefer you can send them to me at
and I will take care of it.
Don't make me beg.
Make Kevynn beg, but don't make me beg.
Only you can prevent forest fires, and stuff.