Friday, March 14, 2003

Sorry about the hold-up, but I've had to get all Boo Radley on Kevynn.
He came up with the idea of us doing a guest post on each other's blog.
The only problem is he came up with the idea on Tuesday to be posted on Wednesday.
And either this is Friday, or I have over-medicated again, and still no post from Kevynn, even though I sent him my post on Wednesday, and say, wasn't Wednesday the day they were supposed to be posted in the first place?
Kevynn has a broken ankle, so I will cut him some slack.
Kevynn took a little too much vicodin the other day .. a little more slack.
Kevynn is a very charming fellow ... a touch more slack,
But a broken ankle, too much vic, and a gigolo load of charm doesn't feed the bulldog.
And as Perry Smith said to the executioner
"nice day for a hanging"
Time to feed the bulldog Kevynn.