Saturday, April 19, 2003

I am so tired this is the only blog that makes any sense to me.
But it's a good honest blog, written by a good honest American citizen, yeah, like I know what kind of citizen he is, he could be John Wayne Gacey incarnate, and I wouldn't know, and why do so many murderers go by three names, and my mother used to call one of my cousins by his first and middle name, but I don't think he was a murderer, but he did live in the caves out in California back in the late 60's, and he did like to insinuate that he knew Charles Manson, but there you go, Charles Manson didn't go by three names, and I wonder what his middle name is, I bet it is Charles Atlas Manson, or something equally bizarre.
And if I were a serial killer would they call me Kenneth Vance Cole, which I think sounds more like a serial banker than a serial killer, or the Boz Killer? Oh yeah, I'd like to be known as the Boz Killer, not that I'd ever kill anyone, but If I did that cousin I was just telling you about would be on the top of the Boz Killer's list.
I do go on.