Thursday, April 03, 2003

I have a plan.
The kind of plan you only get at 5 in the morning when you can't get back to sleep.
I am going to have celebrities make guest posts on my blog.
But this is where the real genius part of it comes into play ...
I will be writing the posts,
Cause we all know that celebrities are way too important to have to do the trivial things in life
Unless of course, their celebrity status in on the wane
Then of course, they play it fall all it is worth.
But ...
I digress
Can you imagine the fun you'll have reading a guest post by Richard Gere and his gerbil
or ... an anti-war rant by the mawkishly attractive Janeane Garofolo, she'll use her notes and everything
or ... an "I'm lucky to be alive" tale of redemption from Nick Nolte, or Mickey Rourke, or Jan-Michael Vincent, or Gary Busey.
I could go on and on,
Morpheus awaits, I think.
I can hardly wait for the fun to start.
Roger, over and out.
But first, please tell me I'm brilliant.