Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Oh yeah, the answer to the April Fool's day quiz was ..
b. I never saw the Beatles in concert.
And all the others are true.
With these explanations.
a. Actually I slept through Hurricane Camille
c. I was only twelve years old and too dumb to be scared, but damn, that plane was bouncing all over the place, and there was one woman who kept trying to open the hatch, or the door, or whatever the freak they call it, and get out .. while the plane was still flying
and they ran out of barf bags, so I gave the flight attendant mine, which was empty at the time, and about five minutes later I sort of wished I hadn't given it to her
And when we finally landed, a bunch of people actually, no, I mean actually, got down on their knees and kissed the ground.
d. and he has a mullet too, or he did the last time I saw him, and I think he probably still does.
That's it.
Except, I wish I could swear in Turkish.